No More Soda

This is just a little thing, but thought i’d share.  I think i may have mentioned in another post somewhere that i stopped drinking soda.  Well, it’s true and i want to elaborate on that just a little.  

In December, i had a nasty infection and i had to take an antibiotic for a solid month!  During that month the doctor said to try to flush my system with lots of water and cranberry juice.  He also mentioned that i shouldn’t drink alcohol because that would counteract the medicine.  I only drink about a half a cup of coffee each morning so he said that shouldn’t be a problem.  

So, armed with my juice and water diet, i started out on a mission to destroy that infection.  But, what i found out kind of surprised me.  I found out that i felt a lot better without all that soda in my body.  I’ve read that before and other people have told me, but come on, could it really be true? It’s true.  

It’s now almost March and i still don’t drink soda.  Truthfully, i don’t really crave it very often, but i think there’s a deeper secret to my success in kicking that delicious habit.  The secret is that i’m absolutely free to drink soda whenever i want.  I don’t think soda will kill me.  The simple truth is this: there’s an obvious positive difference i feel in my body without soda.  And when i think of drinking soda i’m reminded of how i used to feel.  

But i’m free to drink a soda when i want, and sometimes i do.  That’s the secret sauce.  No legalism here.  Actually, i flew to Thailand and back earlier this month and i drank ginger ale almost every time the beverage cart came by on the flights.  Did i feel guilty? Nope.  Did it kill me? Nope.  We are free people, we have to live as free people.  

So what do i drink?  I came to love cranberry juice so i drink lots of that.  I drink lots of water.  I love fruit smoothies.  I like the occasional glass of wine with dinner.  I think that’s about it.

I think you should try it.  Give up soda for a month and see how you feel.  If you don’t feel any different and you can’t function because of the overwhelming craving for a coke, then go back to it.  But my guess is that after a month your body will thank you and during your cravings your body will remind you of how soda made you feel and how good you feel now.

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