One Night in Bangkok

Travel ain’t always easy.  Actually, it’s rarely easy.  But in the midst of the insanity there’s usually at least a few things that are funny, especially when traveling in Asia and trying to make sense of the madness.  

Last night, Jeremy and i flew from Chiang Mai to Bangkok.  It’s just a one hour puddle jump, but they loaded us into a giant Boeing 747 (the huge international jet).  No big deal, i know Thai Air is infamous for their huge jets being used for puddle jumps.  

We arrive in Bangkok and walk to our hotel because it’s conveniently attached to the airport.  

The check-in process is maddening.  I’ll never understand how it’s so difficult or time-consuming to give someone a key to a room. So we waited and waited.  Finally, it’s our chance to check in and i very clearly stated that i needed a non-smoking room with 2 beds.  But this was only after i was told that the room had not beed paid for already AND she was only giving us 1 free breakfast.  She repeated back to me my request for the smoke free room with 2 beds, gave me our key, and we went to our room.  And you guessed it, we got a smoking room with one bed!  Frustrated, hungry and running low on patience we called the front desk to ask for a new room.  

A few minutes later, a little Thai guy rang the door bell and whisked us away to a new room.  He loaded our bags onto a luggage cart and off he went.  I didn’t understand him when he told us the room number so we had to try to keep up with him.  He was almost literally running through the halls so we had to run too.  Jeremy and i couldn’t help but laugh as we tried our best to keep up with the runaway luggage guy.  

We finally got to our room to find out that we had been upgraded to a suite!  We’ll take it.  Too bad there’s no time to enjoy the space and comfort of our free upgrade.  By this point we only had about 5 hours before we had to be up and out of the hotel to catch our next flight to Tokyo.  

Life on the road isn’t glamorous, but it sure is fun to make the best of it!  

Here’s a blurry photo i snapped as Jeremy and i chased the luggage guy:


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2 Responses to “One Night in Bangkok”

  1. Jeremy February 16, 2013 at 3:20 pm #

    I look so sad and defeated…

  2. Stephen Proctor February 19, 2013 at 6:17 am #

    Reading this while in a zombie state, stretched out on the hallway floor waiting for the Admiral’s Club to open in Tokyo. If I had a selfie, I promise you I would look more sad & defeated than Jeremy.

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